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Chiropractors practice with many different methods and with many different philosophies. So how do you find a clinic that is the right fit for you and your problem? Are you suffering from lower back pain? Is it from sciatica or a slipped disc? Maybe you have spinal stenosis or hip pain? Many chronic back pain problems  share similar symptoms, but can have very different causes. And of course they need very different types of chiropractic treatment.  If you threw your lower back out, or injured your sacroiliac joint, you might be a good candidate for traditional therapy. If however, you have a bad disc, spinal stenosis or sciatica, an entirely different approach may be warranted. Have osteoporosis? You need treatment that takes this into consideration!  Our chiropractor, Dr. Kukurin has over 20 years of experience in treating many different  types of chronic painful conditions. He is skilled in many different types and methods of chiropractic treatment. To find out more about the different types of care available visit our Litchfield Park, Avondale & Goodyear chiropractic resource page. Chiropractors in Litchfield Park


How do you find the right chiropractor  to treat your back pain, chronic pain, headaches, sciatica, anxiety, neuropathy or other painful condition? Consider our Chiropractic Clinic in Litchfield Park Area of Palm Valley Arizona…

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The video above contains actual patients who agreed to tell of their experience at our office. Their images and cases are used with their written permission.


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Our Litchfield Park chiropractor is listed in Who is Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Who is Who in American Leading Professionals and he is rated among the Top Chiropractors by the Consumers Research Council of America. Dr. Kukurin has received a Scientific Papers Award from the American Chiropractic Association and has had the results his patients obtain published in medical journals indexed in the National Library of Medicine. Visits for treatment are by appointment only. Due to the demand for our services, we discourage walk-Ins. To call to inquire about appointment availability, call 623.547.4727

If you have specific questions about back pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathy,  Movement Disorders and the programs we have developed to treat them, feel free to email questions to our office gkukurin@earthlink.net Or visit our sister web sites (links below) to learn more about our practice of acupuncture, nutrition and of course our doctor, Dr. Kukurin. Visit our home page, take a virtual tour, find out about our Ask-the-Doctor program. Will your insurance cover care? Is our doctor a preferred provider in your insurance plan? Call us to find out. 623-547-4727

Formerly: 549 Plaza Circle
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Formerly at
549 Plaza Circle
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
(623) 935-1999

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